GTRACING Adjustable Multi Function Recliner Review

The GTRACING Footrest Adjustable Multi Function Recliner is a product that allows for both comfort and convenience. Being able to have your favorite TV show on while reclining back is one of the greatest things about this unit. There are some minor cons, however.

GTRACING Footrest Adjustable Multi Function Recliner

Because it adjusts, the GTRACING Adjustable Multi Function Recliner has two different positions for you to choose from. That being said, it does take some time and patience in order to get comfortable with each position.

The first adjustment is where you put your head at when seated in the chair, and the second adjustment is where you are going to put your feet at when in the chair. They are not so different as far as their placement on the recliner, but they are different in how the head and feet are positioned.

When using the footrest and placing your head and feet at the same place, you will find it easier to get comfortable with your seating position. However, when you want to adjust your feet, it is difficult to do so without having to take your foot off the footrest. It takes practice to get used to this adjustment process.

One of the things I did not like about the GTRACING Adjustable Multi Function Recliner was the design of the arms of the unit. The arms would fall down on either side of the seat. When the arms were set up correctly, they would pull the chair up towards the user and they would fold back as the arm rest. This resulted in the user to be faced with an odd looking chair and it made it hard to adjust the chair’s height.

The arms also could fall down on either side when placed down in front of the chair, which made it difficult to sit in a position where their feet are facing forward. This result in the user having to raise the legs up to fit comfortably behind the knees and sitting with their feet toward the back of the chair.

The feet can be placed flat on the floor or on the surface beneath the footrest. I found that the flat surface underneath the footrest worked best for me in the Adjustable Multi Function Recliner. The feet remain flat as long as the feetrest is in place and in some instances, if you are in a position where the footrest is adjusted, the feet will roll down.

This feature is one of the most important consideration when purchasing a unit. If it is not adjusted correctly, you will find that your feet will roll down, causing discomfort and further hurting your back. Using the footrest without adjustment can cause the feet to slide down farther than necessary and hurt your back.

After using the GTRACING Adjustable Multi Function Recliner for quite a few months, I have found it to be one of the best chairs on the market today. The height of the legs and the width of the seat are great for both comfort and fashion. If you are looking for a nice stylish chair, but don’t want to spend much money, then this may be the unit for you.

For a chair that is priced close to a luxury car, it comes with a good quality leather and plastic frame that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. A cushion pad on the footrest will keep your feet nice and dry, but the frame itself is not going to fall apart anytime soon.

While the cushion on the GTRACING Adjustable Multi Function Recliner is not very thick, it is soft and plush enough to feel great on your feet. The frame of the chair is sturdy enough to take a lot of abuse, but it is not going to sustain a lot of wear.

I highly recommend the GTRACING Adjustable Multi Function Recliner. I enjoy watching TV, working on my laptop, or even reading my favorite book on the recliner without any trouble. I have gotten some pretty good use out of it and I’m sure others will too.