If you are looking for a sturdy and comfortable backrest for your recreational vehicle, the Giantex Giant 4 Position Adjustable Comfortable Backrest is what you need. Its adjustable wheel base, 4.5″ swivel headrests, top and lower cushioning, and four-point harness system provide great support and comfort. This unit is meant to be used on long trips or at home when you want to spend time in front of the television.

Giantex 4 Position Adjustable Comfortable Backrest

The headrest is three inches thick for added comfort, and its multiple position adjustability allows you to locate the perfect position for you. The five interchangeable pillow and headrest configurations will fit a variety of different body types and sizes.

In addition to the swivel headrest, the unit has dual massage areas that can be adjusted to provide the ultimate relaxation or soothing effect. The buttons located in the control knobs allow you to adjust the headrest angle in three positions.

A hard/soft motor is located between the motorized adjustment knobs for using the swivel headrest and the soft, fabric adjustable cushions. You will find that this unit is well built with an aluminum frame that is powder coated for durability.

The headrest assembly includes a frame that is screwed to a cushion, which is then hinged to a crossbar that contains a low level jack system. This unit is designed to hold one hundred pounds and is safe to use in vehicles up to ten tons.

With the Giantex Giant Adjustable Comfortable Backrest, you will have a powerful unit that provides superior comfort and protection. With its large center seat it can accommodate a wide range of size and weight.

The headrest of the Giant Adjustable Comfortable Backrest unit provides head and neck support that can’t be matched by any other device. These ergonomically shaped pillows and cushions can also be adjusted to comfortably fit any user.

The headrest includes a motorized swivel mechanism that allows you to set the angle of the headrest at any position and all positions are controlled with the push of a button. The headrest includes five adjustable positions that can accommodate a variety of users.

The three adjustable cushions on the Giant Adjustable Comfortable Backrest are manufactured from top quality fabric and are perfect for providing additional comfort. One of the cushions comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning.

One thing that most units don’t offer is the comfort level that is offered by this unit. I was able to get a full head support and a full feeling while watching a movie on my DVD player and even while driving.

The headrest on the Giant Adjustable Comfortable Backrest is easy to adjust to the best position. You simply adjust the headrest, as needed, and you will find that you can get optimum comfort for any user.

For a one time investment of just over one hundred dollars, you will have a unit that will last for many years. There is no need to invest in an expensive unit because the Giant Adjustable Comfortable Backrest is a great investment.