Massage Executive Leather Computer Headrest

You’ve seen the massages you want to have at home. Perhaps you do a lot of research and wish to know how to massage.


There are so many choices available in massaging treatments, from Swedish massage to Thai massage. While it is simple to understand the ways of these massage techniques, it is a little difficult to grasp the concept of how to massage.


Many massaging styles are based on a massage table that is made to resemble a couch. The masseuse leans forward to give the client’s head and back a great massage while their feet rest on the bench of the massage table.


The first and most important step in any massage technique is getting the body relaxed. The relaxation is required in order for you to fully receive the massage techniques.


The starting point is your back. In a Thai style massage, the masseuse lays a flat block on the back and places their fingers along the spine.


This block usually rests at the junction of the ribs. The masseuse then lightly taps the spine. After this, they will give a small twist on the block and bring the hands toward the forehead.


When the masseuse places the hands on the client’s face, they must be light touch. It is best to be gentle because too much pressure will cause discomfort to the face and back.


As you continue on, the masseuse will start to apply the massage strokes using the opposite hands. This is a good idea because you don’t want to twist or forcefully rub against the body, if the masseuse does this, it will increase the discomfort.


Next, they will move their hands across the top and the sides of the torso part. At this time, they should be relaxed and take their attention off the arms and legs.


Another benefit is that the masseuse can now get into the chins and foreheads. The palm strokes are more extensive at this point because they are being applied to areas of the face where the skin is naturally rough.


The next stage is the more advanced techniques like the “Half Circle” where they use different strokes to the neck, shoulders, arms, and the face. The strokes should be soft, not forceful.